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Question: Why do thousands of visitors use our websites every day?

Answer: Because our websites are highly ranked in the search engines and give the customer exactly what they have searched for. Our 11 years' internet experience plus over 20 years' experience of the leisure industry has enabled us to produce simple and informative websites.

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Question: Why should I join any of your websites?

Answer: Customers will find your business through our highly ranked websites for the services that you offer. The links from our websites to your website will help your SEO. Our websites are easy to use and from your account management page you can control your listings. Our websites are designed so that customers can find specialist retailers with stores. No online only businesses can be listed.

How the websites work

  • - From your account management page you can edit your listing and add the tent franchises that you hold.
  • - This displays new tents and the dealers that can obtain them. (Data is automatically entered from
  • - From your account management page you can edit your listing and add the camping gear franchises that you hold. The categories are: accessories, climbing, cooking, cycling, fishing, footwear, furniture, gas & fuel, heating & lighting, outdoor clothing, rucksacks, skiing, sleeping, swimming, tents.
  • - From your account management page you can edit your listing and add the LPG gas products that you hold. This website is a reference directory for all brands of gas cartridges and cylinders.



Standard price list                                             £200 + VAT                                         £200 + VAT                                      £200 + VAT                                         £100 + VAT

SPECIAL PACKAGE OFFER (12 month listing on all 4 websites) Only £350 + VAT


  • Step 1 - Enter your postcode.
  • Step 2 - Complete the form or choose correct contact details from the list.
  • Step 3 - Select listings from the price list.
  • Step 4 - Pay via the secure RBS WorldPay card payment system or BACS
  • Step 5 - Receive your login details within one working day.
  • Step 6 - Create your listing and print off your VAT invoice.

Our customer care department, headed by Roger Therrien can help you with your listing. If you wish to join and pay by cheque please contact our sales department.

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